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The Onshoring Project

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Helping North American Companies Achieve Agile Supply Chains. Because Agile Supply Chains make more money.


The Onshoring Project founding partners comprise leading discrete parts and durable goods associations, media, solutions providers and manufacturers. 


The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) is a trade association based in McLean, Virginia, in the United States.


Gardner Business Media is North America's leading industrial manufacturing media, marketing and intelligence agency.


The Reshoring Initiative,  takes action by helping manufacturers realize that local production reduces their total cost of ownership.


IndustryWeek is dedicated to championing the people and companies that are making the U.S. manufacturing sector a global leader.


ASMG helps companies overcome the current and future global supply-chain disruptions with its supply chain optimization solution.

Get Involved!

If you are looking for (or offer) for tools, technologies and tactics to help inform and improve your sourcing, procurement or supply chain practices - we want to work with you. Contact us today to learn ways we can work with you and your team - and, subscribe to make sure you get the latest news and information from The Onshoring Project (TOP) and TOP partners.

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