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About The Onshoring Project

The Onshoring Project’s mission is to facilitate a shift in OEM executive’s behavior toward a holistic approach to sourcing and the sounder and more financially beneficial strategy of using lean-performing North American suppliers. Through sharing of best practices, documented case studies, and supply management techniques, the Onshoring Project will prove the positive business impacts of working with lean and agile suppliers. As a result, we can strengthen and grow our domestic manufacturing base, especially among small and medium-sized companies.


Better customer fill rate, lower finished goods on hand, less work-in-process and inventory in transit, reduced inspection, lower safety stock, lower risk, innovation at a faster pace, and shorter lead times are the enablement goals of the Onshoring Project. Companies with lean supply chains are less reliant on long-term demand forecast. They can capture more incremental sales by reacting faster to market demand and grow faster and more profitably.


The Onshoring Project is actively looking for likeminded companies and organizations to further this mission, and to deliver actionable solutions to this critical problem. Current members include the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Reshoring Initiative®, Gardner Business Media, IndustryWeek, AIAC-ASMG and Helpful Engineering.

The Onshoring Project Founding Members

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