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"A Return from China" - Modern Machine Shop Releases the First Episode of "Made in the USA" Season 2

Debuting in spring 2021, season one of Modern Machine Shop's "Made in the USA" podcast tackled manufacturing issues related to trade policy, global supply chains, education, automation and workforce.

Just released, Season 2 explores manufacturing issues through the experiences of companies that have made intentional choices to manufacture in the U.S. With its signature focus on high-quality audio production and documentary style, Season 2 of “Made in the USA” will feature exclusive commentary from OEM leaders who have made a commitment to U.S. manufacturing, defined by a recent change in production or sourcing that aims to keep or shift manufacturing operations within or back to the U.S.'

In episode 1 - "A Return from China" featuring Entrepreneur Scott Colosimo who found early success in China producing parts for his Cleveland-based motorcycle company in the mid-2000s. The episode chronicles the events that led Colosimo and his team to start over from scratch — and move production back to the United States.

Listen here:

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